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Terms of sale and delivery for CS TechCom ApS


1) General terms
The terms of sale and delivery below shall apply to all deliveries and services provided by CS TechCom ApS (hereinafter referred to as CST), unless otherwise expressly agreed between the parties in writing.
These terms of sales and delivery shall be deemed to have been accepted on accept of offer. Special terms of purchase or specific requirements of the purchase on the part of the customer, stated e.g. in the general terms of purchase of the customer, shall not bind CST, unless expressly accepted by CST in writing.
2) Prices
All prices are exclusive of VAT, customs duty, freight and delivery costs, un less otherwise expressly stated.
3) Consultancy
To the extent that CST provides advice to customers within our experience, this will be provided to the best of our knowledge at the time of providing the advice and we shall not accept any liability if later experience leads to other solutions. Any advice provided shall be provided on the basis of the information provided by the customer.
4) Offers
Final and biding contracts between the customer and CST shall be deemed to have been concluded only once a written order confirmation has been provided by CST. An order confirmation from CST shall be issued prior to the purchase order, unless otherwise indicated in the order confirmation.
5) Terms of payment
All payments shall be made within 14 days net, unless otherwise indicated in the order confirmation. In case of payment after the due date, interest at 2.5 % shall be calculated with each month or part of a month.
The customer shall not be entitled to make deductions from the purchase sum nor refuse payment due to delays, complaints or counter claims relating to the specific delivery without the written consent of CST.
6) Retention of title
CST shall retain title in any deliveries until payment has been made in full to the extent that such retention of title is valid pursuant to applicable law.
7) Delivery
The delivery shall be ex works. EXW.
8) Delays
The time of delivery shall be determined with reservations for strikes, lockout, fire or other instances of force majeure not preventing delivery to take place at the agreed time and that delivery is not prevented by delays of required supplies or unforeseen delays in manufacture. In the event of delays occurring, the buyer shall not be entitled to rely on any remedies for breach of contract. Thus, the buyer shall not be entitled to rescind the purchase, claim compensation or a pro-rata discount in the purchase price.
9) Liability and defects
Immediately on delivery, the customer shall inspect the delivery to ascertain any defects and complain in writing to CST of these.  Defective quality shall be deemed to be only documented defects in construction , manufacturing, and material in the goods supplied and wrongly performed work. Defective quality caused by instructions given by the customer or the material supplied by the customer shall not be relied on. The customer shall have no other remedies relating to defects than a claim for the defect(s) to be remedied as soon as possible through repairs, redelivery or supplementary delivery. In no circumstances shall CST be liable for any operating loss, lost time, loss of profit or similar indirect loss caused by the defect(s).
10) Law and venue
Any disputes arising between the parties shall be determined by Danish law and the venue shall be the court local to CST. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CST shall be entitled to choose to issue proceedings at the court local to the buyer.